Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Find!

Every winter for the past 27 years, Richie and I have gone to war over the inside of the house temperature. He feels that 60 is bright and bracing, easily standable and I don't. Not by a long shot. Parenthetically, if you know of any place on earth that's a consistent 72 degrees, 'year 'round, please contact me.

We have an electric space heater that I set at 64; obligingly it turns itself on and off to maintain that temperature. It is never left unattended, despite the fact that if you so much as nudge it, all hell breaks loose audibly.

But: I think I see light glimmering at the end of the very long tunnel that is winter out here (overcast, grey and as low as 40 at night.) All by myself, with no help from the audience, I have discovered POLAR FLEECE!

Polar fleece is a man-made creation; probably of a bunch of chemicals whipped together into fabric, but O! that fabric is so warrrmmmm.

Originally, I was looking for a cotton sweater on the Land's End site when I discovered Polar Fleece Funnelneck sweaters. I ordered one; it came and I was impressed by the fit (sleeves and hem just long enough) and absolutely blown away by the fact that a pair of feathers might weigh more than it does, but the heat generated is awesome!

I promptly went back online and ordered three more. I have a three super warm sweatshirts (purchased in Cabo San Lucas; go figure) and with the addition of four WARM tops I am set for this winter and winters to come. polar fleece funnelneck $22 each for a woman's; check prices for men and children.

"Funnelneck" means a much looser fit than a turtleneck. Both help hold precous body heat IN.

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