Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eat, Pray, RUN!

Chronic Tacos, corner of PCH and Torrance, Redondo Beach 310-316-TACO

Much was the hype when above's doors swung open maybe a month ago. Two of the three local papers ran feature stoies on the owners and their surfer backgrounds. Every time we passed this heavily trafficked corner, there was a line out of the door. Finally, last Saturday at nearly 2 p.m. there wasn't any line and we ventured in.

The menu is posted on the back wall, behind busy line cooks who fill your order and pass it on. These young guys were gustily friendly and wildly enthusiastic which I put down to surfer dude-ism and not unwise jalapeno-sniffing in a back room. Incidentally, if you are a sworn officer or named "Steve" that was "literary license" and not meant to order up a drug bust.

Our quesadillas (pollo asado - $5.79 and cheese - $4.99) came with chips and salsa "made fresh daily" and which had a gravy-like texture -- sugar mixed in with tomato paste? Sweet and not hot at all (and everything could have used a layer of "hot.") Final grade: Eh...

"Take GoodCare of the Garden and Dogs; Family, Friendships and Faith in Small-town Alaska" by Heathr Lende Algonquin Books 287 pages $22.95

Lende is a citizen of Haines, Alaska, and writes the obituary column in the local paper. As I have cousins living in Anchorage; and as Sarah Palin's "jes' up here huntin', 'n fishin'" bio seemed a bit simplistic, I picked this up. I should have run.

Clearly, my brain was out having an iced tea when it read the title. Lende is one of those ghastly chummy Christians -- all, "I'm so dang Christian that it hurts, but gol'dang it, I'm human, too. Look at this, I'm gonna say 'shit!'"

What startled me considerably (other than my own stupidity in picking this book up) was the fact that Lende is an Episcopalian! I thought that leading/shoving others to Jesus was the exclusive provence of Baptists and Born-Agains.

I believe strongtly that one's religion is between that person and their deity. It is none of my business, nor do I want to know, let alone -- and most especially -- be led to it. I don't care if you date Lassie; just don't expect me to double with RinTinTin.

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