Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Archeological Dig

Our house is actually more intricate than the real estate guy ever figured it could be when he sold it to us in 1985. This is a three bedroom house and what was once a sitting room/guest bedroom has, over the years, become The Repository For Stuff. To return it to its former state, Richie has been going through the stuff. Which is only fair because 95% of it is his.

Yesterday's dig turned up:

The National Enquirer of January 29, 1985. The cover headlines: "I Can't Live On $44,600 A Month - Joanna Asks Court for More Money From Johnny (Carson.)" "Christina Onassis Is Spending $6 Million to Have Her Baby" (Nurseries in various countries and a private obstetrician.) Inside we read that Tatum O'Neal is going to marry John McEnroe.

The Bluejacket Manual, 4th printing, 1962. This is the Navy manual Richie was issued when he joined the Navy in 1962. The first chapter is entitled "The Importance of the Navy" which, since the recipient has already enlisted, is a bit tardy to say the least. One of his old uniforms turned up some months ago. No, he can't get into it any more.

He turned up photos of my sister and her husband at their wedding. They are having a wine tasting dinner to celebrate their 40th anniversary August 8th.

I tell you, every day is Christmas around here. What will turn up next? (It never seems to be money...)

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