Monday, July 12, 2010

Chef Suzanne Hyde

We didn't get to shake hands with her at our friends' open house, but we sure did enjoy the work of her hands! Plump dates, wrapped beguilingly in crisp bacon... mini-cushions of a delicious, chewy bread topped with caramelized onions, small, salty black olives, topped off with a thin slice of Parmesan cheese. Her quiche (Lorraine?) had been cut literally into slivers so it was easy to be greedy (and more or less unnoticed wolfing them down.) Her lemon squares were half of the height normally seen and much denser in flavor.

Hyde is a personal chef - a chef that hires out privately to individuals or families -- who also teaches cooking classes. She's done six years as the chef for LucasFilm at Skywalker Ranch, backpacked western Europe, tasting and learning cuisines and has an associate degree in the culinary arts, San Francisco.

Her Web site -- -- is an informative read (you'll drool over the photos of food.) I liked her idea of being asked to teach a family in their own kitchen how to prepare various

Expanding on that theme -- what about gifting a new mother with a personal chef's services for a couple of days? Or easing the sole caretaker's days with perhaps a chef-cooked meal every other day for a week? If you're planning the funeral "afters" for the deceased's house (or your own) why not call in a professional? Boss coming for dinner? Dazzle'em!

A chef's wages are not all that intimidating at $35/hour or $35/50 for private cooking lessons; costs based on number of students and degree of difficulty of the dishes. Food costs are, of course, extra.

Hyde is licensed by the State of California and a member of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Eat really well -- without leaving your house! No parking problems, no running back and forth with quarters for the meter!

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