Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dragon Eggs

If someone had told me that Komodo dragons come from eggs, I would have squinted my eyes and looked disbelieving. But since a photo of a Komodo and six eggs in an incubator ran in the august L.A. Times, I have to believe it (especially as it isn't April Fool's Day.)

The article states that in January, Lima, a female, laid 23 eggs (now in an incubator) that are expected to hatch sometime in September. Nine months, just like a human! It is frightening to have learned that the ensuing reptiles can grow to 10 ft. long and live for 50 years.

But now that I reflect on it, sea turtles are born from eggs and some of them make it to 150 years. Man, also born of an egg (so to speak,) doesn't do nearly as well ... and no one seems to grow to be 10 ft. either.

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