Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be of Good Cheer!

Yes, the last wisps of smoke from the fireworks are gone... it continues to be grey and overcast in Southern California... but: the new What On Earth catalog came in yesterday! ( I am now too old to wear t-shirts with letters on them, but hopefully you aren't.

I Like Cats
I Just Can't Eat
A Whole One
By Myself

In Dog Beers
I've Only Had One

The other white meat

Drinks Well With Others

Guns don't kill people,
Drivers with cell phones do

Heavily medicated for your safety

I'll have a cafe, mocha,
vodka, valium latte to go

A new item - Vampire Bite Temporary Tattoos The classic neck puncture or bite marks around the wrist
Special Effects Fangs - plastic and dental putty.

Not as lean
Not as mean
Still a marine

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