Sunday, February 28, 2010

This 'n That

Note to Self: remember the garlic noodles at the Elephant Bar. One, they were delicious and two, the portion was huge! I ate with gusto and still had enough left of them as a side dish for us the next night. $4.95 - two meals and three people.

Too Young to Remember!
"A Homemade Life, Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table" by Molly Wizenberg Simon and Schuster 329 pages $25

Wizenberg tells us that she was born in 1978. That maks her 32 years old and probably 30 1/2 when the book was written (selling and publishing take eons.) What the hell does a 30 year old know? I knew nothing at that age! Before comments come rolling in about "arrested development" and "natural blonde," let us move on ...

The book came out of her very successful blog Orangette. She writes about her childhood in Oklahoma, her parents, life experiences and gives recipes at the end of each chapter. Unfortunately I found it pretty much of a one-trick pony of a book. The stories are all themed thusly: introduction of person, characteristics/description of that person, item cooked, recipe.

How Old Is Your pet in Human Years?
Hermosa Animal Hospital's newsletter had a chart on the subject. And it is not true that to measure your pet's age in human ages, you multiply by seven. Spread sheet typing is not my forte, so please try to bear with me.

Pet's Age if under 20 lbs.
1 - 15
2 - 23
3 - 28
4 - 32
5 -36
6 - 40
7 - 44
8 - 48
9 - 52
10 - 56
(Note: no tab stops allowed when typing a blog.)

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