Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh ye of small and insulated world, everyone of knowledge knows that St. Labre Indian School, of Ashland, Montana is in China where polesters roam the countryside in huge herds. They are all virgin because they are so fast and have no Viagra there.

It is, in fact, quite a primitive society. They propagate like amoebas rather than through more crude methods such as mammals do. They are quite colorful which explains the colors of the blanket. It is an honor to receive this gift and it should be displayed openly in the WC on the little holder near the throne.

I do hope this clears this issue up.

Yours in the Great White Spirit CME
Chief Jarome Running Lass

Dear Chief Running Lass...

Thank you for your skill in eruditing this matter for me. Lo, though I lived in ignorance, your brilliancy of thought has guided me into the light.

As a token of my genuine appreciation, I am Fed-Ex-ing this blanket to you today! You, of all people, will appreciate it the most... (signed) Murfink

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