Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Worries!

(Right) Coconut Shrimp

Crab Callahan

Tommy Bahama's Caribbean Cafe, 73-595 El Paseo at Larkspur Ave., Palm Desert 760-836-0188

Crab Bisque

My sister-in-law was born on Aruba, grew up in Saba, and she and Charlie routinely vacation in Anguilla. She considers herself an Island Girl and I couldn't wait to tell her about this place!
The literature says it's "Caribbean style" but that doesn't mean faux coconut fronds in the corners, sand on the floor or cutesy sea shell-trimmed mirrors. Instead, think American plantation with high ceilings and lots of wood trim. The wide patio wraps around three sides of this second floor establishment and offers stunning views of the mountains.
We ordered drinks (Bahama Mamas for them; mai tai for me, draft beer for Richie). It should be said that we rarely drink at lunch other than iced tea, but this was a holiday!

Richie and I started with cups of their excellent crab bisque with cream and sherry ($7 each.) Richie had the Crab Callahan - "normal" crab cakes rolled in coconut before cooking ($17) and I had the coconut shrimp appetizer with mango chutney which came with a pile of Asian slaw (apparently this means Very Little Oil & Vinegar Dressing) for $12. First out were piping hot rolls with honey-cinnamon butter.
Continuing the holiday feeling, he had a slice of Key lime pie and I had the creamy butterscotch pudding (both $6.) Food came to $55; drinks $13.50 - you can see why we rarely drink at lunch.
Photos by Richie Murphy

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