Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Culinary Travel Market"

Who knew there was such a thing? Clearly, there is and to say it's widely varied is understatement.
Hands-on cooking lessons in a Turkish home in Istanbul or shopping in the spice market. "...the Turkish way of life - l'Arte de Vivre!' (which is French for the art of living.) So -- how "Turkish" is it if you have to describe it in French?
Cooking with John Wilson in France, Italy and Spain. Chef Wilson is pretty clever -- free travel while you teach!
"Our chefs don't go the refrigerator. They just step outside the door." It's touted as the healthiest vacation ever! What? Chasing a chef across a pasture, while screaming, "Where's dinner, you bastard?!" Located near San Diego.
We're invited to travel quaint side streets, to see someone called "Nonna" cooking in the kitchen and (unnervingly enough) experience "the smell of Italy embracing you." Italy and fine sewers don't come together readily in my mind, but I've never been there.
Take your gluttony to Asia, South America and Europe! Taste wine with the makers; shop the markets and cook with the experts.

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