Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'"Because cops don't look dorky enough on Segways?" *

Redondo Beach uses this to issue parking tickets. We're out and about nearly every day and had never seen it. Naturally, I walked right up and asked questions about it. My first was, "What is it? It isn't a Segway..."

"No, it's got three wheels. (Doh) Wow! Ben Hur's chariot!"

Parking officer, "There's another maker and those are called "chariots."

"C'mon - tell the truth -- how much fighting do you all do among yourselves to get to ride?"

"No one else wants to do it! I'm the only one... I didn't like it the first time I rode it -- I was so tired at the end of the day that I fell asleep in my car in my own driveway! Now I just half-a-day on it -- first of all, you're standing up and second there are no shock absorbers."

He said that he goes out after lunch on it and has a regular route. "I start at Gold's gym (down near the Pier) and then cut through Pier parking to Catalina -- you know all the parking meters along there and I wind up in Riviera Village (which has a huge metered lot.)

He gave me the Web site -- T3motion.com. He said the City paid about $7,000 for it, if you're thinking of getting one...

Other uses
Mall security
Paramedics in crowd conditions
Reno, NV, official said, "It's better than a Segway; it climbs curbs and has a better sight line for cops."
Mail and parcel delivery
Operates on 10 cents a day which equals 500 mpg.

* Quote from a rather disbelieving blogger on a Web site.

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