Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Economics of a Party of Six

Our six were: Red and Barbara, her sister Nancy, husband Bill and us. Since we were never able to redezvous before 9 a.m. for breakfast, we ate late lunches.

Barbara's favorite restaurant is Mon Ami Gaby, Paris hotel and casino. We weren't that hungry so we decided to get a pile of appetizers and graze. We decided on:

Chicken pate - $9.95
Country pate - $9.95
Cheese plate - $15.95
Mussels - $10.95
Two sandwiches (for Red and Bill who wanted "real" food)
Hamburger with fries - $11.95
Chicken BLT with fries - $11.95
and for dessert, two profiteroles - $15.90

We drank a bottle of Pinot - $28.00
Two beers - $10.16

Our pates came with a small baguette, raisin bread toast, butter, cornichons and two different mustards. The cheese plate borught more bead plus sweet and sour fig jam and thin slices of raw apple. The portions are large enough there that this was a feasible lunch for six.

After a leisurely consumption, we were temped by the desserts. The profiteroles come with a big, cream-filled pate doux and three scoops of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce decoratively used on both.

The tab (two hours later) came to $147.35 or $24.50 per person for quality food. The restaurant charged an automatic 18% gratuity which made me laugh - I almost always tip 20%. That added $24.53 (their figuring) and brought the grand total (with tax) to a whopping $171.88! Gasp!

But: break it down into six people and you have a very different story. It pays to cost account -- a nice wine, good food with a variety of flavors and sumptious desserts -- for $24.50 each!

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