Friday, October 16, 2009

Quipping Along...

"Move the women and children out of the room!" Robin Miller (announcer and professional chauvanist) on "Wind Tunnel."

"Gonna be some door slammin' and furniture kickin' at his house tonight." Me on Steve Kinser's failure to win a spring car race.

"Lock up the likker and hide the good silver, it's the Murphys!" to Bob Brodsky on his intercom..

"Such a party animal, she'll be passing out hors d'ouevres and pouring drinks -- at her deathbed." An ambition of mine...

Texas classic: A wife finds her husband in bed with another woman! The man indignantly denies it, saying "Who're you gonna believe? Me or your own lyin' eyes."

Rodeo announcer commenting on a lady rider who knocked over three of the four barrels on the course. "Cute outfit; long ride home."

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