Friday, October 9, 2009

A Memorial Restaurant

Britt's BBQ, 408 Main Street, El Segundo 310-640-0408 or Open 7 days a week, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

El Segundo has an amazing number of restaurants considering its rather "hidden" status. If you want to go there, you have to make an effort because the "big streets" don't take you through it. Yesterday I finally figured just why there are so many restaurants. The El Segundo refinery on its southern border runs 24-7 and must have easily 1,000 workers at any given time.

Britt's has only been open five months, but at noon they were doing a brisk business. Nearly all of the 30 or so seats had butts on them. It's a small place with a big window out onto the street and a couple of tables on the sidewalk. Service is swift, the food comes out hot or cold as it's supposed to do.

We both ordered pulled pork sandwiches ($6.75) and orders of beans and coleslaw ($1.50 each)

Their menu does offer something I hadn't seen before -- a pulled pork taquito (3 for $6.75) or BBQ tacos, choice of pork, chicken or beef brisket $6.75 or a BBQ quesadilla (pork, chicken or beef brisket $2.75)

Our sandwiches must have had a half-pound of pork each on a fat grinder bun; they're generous here. The beans and cole slaw came in cute little dishes with scalloped tops. The sauce - thin, faintly peppery - is served on the side. All of it was very good. In fact, this is the best bbq I've eaten here in the South Bay.

I heard a man at the next table ask the server, "So -- which one a ya is Britt?" She gracefully responded, "We get a lot of that -- Britt was the co-owners daughter who was 19 when she was killed in a traffic accident in 2008. She'd always dreamed of running a restaurant with her Dad."

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