Thursday, October 22, 2009

For the Moment...

My promising debut as a pole dancer has had to be set aside -- although at the Palm Springs Follies (age 55+ to audition) their opening act was the entire cast, on-stage, brandishing walkers in military precision. Doesn't work well with a solo act.

I take two food magazines and both of them this month are just chock-full of things you never thought of eating for Thanksgiving dinner. At least I never have. I say this because if you are over age 21, you already know what you look forward to eating each year.

Take dressing, for example. On paper, they all have their merits but for The Day? I rather think not. Consider:

Wild rice and mushroom stuffing
Whole wheat stuffing with pancetta (bacon), chestnuts and Parmesan
Sourdough stuffing with sausage, apples and golden raisins
Rustic bread stuffing with red mustard greens, currants and pine nuts
Corn bread stuffing with andouille, fennel and bell peppers
Sweet Potato stuffing with bacon and thyme
(Full recipes at Bon

In the event, you are salivating, think of this: the beloved next day sandwich of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on mayo-slathered white "squish" bread.

I'm sticking with old Tried and True -- hand-cut baguette (Mrs. Cubbison is handy and quick, but it's also loaded with salt) with sage, onion, garlic, tons of black pepper, moistened with chicken broth.

Years ago, I tried a Martha Stewart concoction with pistachios and God knows what all else. There were about 16 or 18 ingredients, but it's in my recipe folder if you want it. Happy to look for it for you -- not much else to do when My Glorious Career has been sidelined.

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