Wednesday, September 30, 2009

International (Dress) Codes

Conde Nast Traveler ( has amused itself by occasionally adding an insert to the magazine entitled "Etiquette 101." Today they featured dress codes. They do a full job - Business Meeting, On the Street, At a Party and P.S. specific to the country being discussed. You can explore more thoroughly on their Web site; I'm just picking up tidbits that amused/interested me.

Egypt: shorts on the street are Not Done. Wear long pants - males and females. Egyptian women cover their heads, but that is not expected of tourists.

Israel: Cotton shorts and tank tops in the hot months, but everyone covers up at Jewish and Christian religious services.

Lebanon: the women are really into accessories -- scarves, jewelry (the gaudier the better) and bright-hued handbags.

China: Women won't wear shoes with straps -- shows too much Nekkid Foot.

India: Sandals for street wear and mosque visits -- the slip off easily.

Indonesia: Modesty is key -- some locals don't even get totally naked in their own bathrooms!

Japan: Shopping for clothes? Japanese sizes are considerably smaller than ours. Your "small" may well be an "XL" there.

Germany: Shine your shoes, fix that dragging hemline because the natives will flat out stare at it.

Greece: no baseball hats, no Birkenstocks ever.

Russia: Gentlemen you may want to start planning a trip -- it's said that women's skirts couldn't get shorter or tops any more low-cut. And that's at business meetings!

Italy: You can't go wrong in a name designer (visibly so) outfit.

Turkey: at a party, visible name brands are seen as "cheap and low class."

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