Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 + 11 + 11

Chicago for Ribs has a really good deal going for its customers. If you can make your grand entrance before 6 p.m., drinks are half price and there is an early diners' menu with almost all of the same entrees as the regular menu -- including sides -- for $10.99.

They were doing such a good business that we had to wait at the bar for a table! Naturally, we ordered drinks -- a gin and tonic for Richi and a dirty gin martini up for me. Alert readers will remember that I praised the martinis here, but I never bothered to mention that they are $10 a pop (!) Happy hour it was -- our bar bill was $11. Note: happy hour prices prevail at the bar only. No table service half-prices.

We both ordered the baby back ribs, beans, cole slaw and corn bread -- both were $10.99 each (normally $18.99 each.) I told our server, "A half rack" and she said, uncertainly, "Well, it's a little smaller serving than a half rack..." and I said, "Good!" (Six ribs per serving instead of eight.)

As it was, I took home beans, cole slaw, corn bread and most of a half order of onion rings which comes in a loaf shape.

Chicago for Ribs is a national chain -- find the one near you! Only fools pay full retail...

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