Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's In a Name?

This is offered as proof that some people can be silly all by themselves... or else they are having a really slow day! Such would be my case when, on a whim, I googled my name: Nina Murphy.

I am not alone! Even though it's an odd name ... it is shared by:

A Las Vegas singer
An Arizona State womens' basketball player
A member the Mental Health Board of Tower Grace East
An LA attorney
A member of the Fred Hollows Foundation, of Enfield, Australia
A mezzo-soprano
A Seattle police officer who filed a harrassment suit against the department
A marketing manager for Woonallee Cattle Auction of South Australia
A museum curator, quilt museum
A woman's hockey star
Activist in Bristol, RI

and notablly "Samantha Nina Murphy" whose husband beheaded her!

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