Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Sad Surprise

I was reading this morning's Daily Breeze this morning and let out an inadvertent, "Ohhh..." of disappointment. Richie said, "What's the matter?" and I pointed to an obituary and said, "Doctor Barr is dead."

Now a lot of people would argue that living until age 94 indicates that the person had a pretty good run and I certainly wouldn't disagree.

He was hardy until (probably) the last two years. I know because I routinely saw him in his and his son's optometry firm. Always in a suit, starched and ironed shirt, a quiet tie and gleaming shoes. I've known them both for nearly 26 years.

Dr. Barr was a gentle presence. His was a quiet personality with a dry (very dry) wit. He never telegraphed a joke. If you got it and smiled, he did, too. If you didn't? No one would ever know from his demeanor. That's an example of his great tact and ... just plain "niceness."

His wife of 59 years preceded him in death and I like to think of them reunited now.
Godspeed, Doctor Bar.

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