Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reversing Karma

Later that same day ... we went for dinner to Cialuzzi's. Noting a police officer (in uniform) and his wife dining at the next table, when he got up to leave I gestured to get his attention and said, "Thank you for all you and your fellow officers do" and he said, "Thank you, darlin'!"

Richie had paid our tab and as I went out the door, I handed the owner my business card with the blog address and said, "Yesterday I wrote praising your excellent Caesar salad..." and he beamed, leaned forward, kissed my cheek and (after a hasty glance at the card) said, "Thank you Neena darlin'!" I smiled, didn't correct him and split. By the by, it's 9-ah as in Nine-ah clock.

No more messin' with karma for today. Bitch store is closed.

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