Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Putting the Spin on Selling Culturally-Acceptable Sex

The Three Dodger fans reviewed the food at the Tilted Kilt last year so I had to change my line of attack. Tilted Kilt, 310 10th Avenue, San Diego 619-814-KILT. tiltedkilt.com

Kilt servers (female) wear top to bottom (which is barely covered) a plaid bra with a white midriff tie shirt with a sleeve, a very short kilt, the waist of which is well below the navel, knee-high white socks and black, high-heeled Mary Jane pumps. Scottish schoolgirl gone bad..

At Hooters, the female servers wear orange satin, skin-tight shorts and a white tank top or short or long-sleeved t-shirts with white athletic sock and sneakers. Hooters.com writes that bras and pantyhose are mandatory wear.

The first Kilt opened in 2003 at the Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, the brainchild of one Mark DiMartino.
The first Hooters opened on October 4, 1983 in Clearwater, Fl. Today the franchise owns 450 Hooters in 43 US locations plus whole countries! (see Hooters.com for the list.)

System wide, Hooters employs 25,000 people, 15,000+ of which are Hooter Girls. Reported income breaks out as follows: 69% food, 28% alcohol and 3% merchandise. Customers are mostly men (68%) from the ages of 25 to 54. Only 10% of all customers bring in their kids.

Hooters states that women have as much right to use their feminine appeal as a supermodel or a Dallas Cowgirls cheerleader (there's a career to aspire to!) Hooters strongly supports womens' lib saying they have the right to choose their own careers. Hooters has successfully fought off discrimination suits -- men who want the same right to wear the abbreviated costumes. Hey, c'mon -- guys have the Chippendale's franchises! Which, come to think of it, is just a spin on the old time burlesque stars.

Sex sells. Whatcha gonna do? If an attractive person wants to make a living fairly cleanly (Hooters, Kilt and Chippendales all have strong anti-harrassment systems in place) by flaunting their bodies, isn't that their business? But: every good-looking person has a sell date. You won't find any 50 year olds still in the business. That would be my only caution to The Ladies -- "Put your tip money in an annuity and live fat ever after."

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