Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bitch For a Day

I'm up two for the day! This morning at the gym I'd finished all but one machine in my routine. It's a device you sit on and push your legs back and forth, mainly to relax the back. A woman was sitting on it; another woman was talking to her and the two of them were just having a high old time, laughing and scratching. So I stalked over and stood at the end of the counter next to them. The standing visitor looks up, looks startled and said, "Oh! Are you waiting for this?" (No I heard the train stops here...) and the woman seated jumps and says, "Oh just one more rep and I'll be done" and starts pumping away. I smiled, turned and leafed through a newspaper on the counter. Seconds later, she jumped up, said "Thank you!" and hurried off.

This afternoon at Thurs. Writers, five of us were seated around the table, Joyce was reading her short story to us for critique and ... a woman at the computer went and got another woman and the two of them began loudly discussing what was wrong with it. (When there is someone who is quietly using a computer, we don't care.)

I got up, walked over and said, "Excuse me, we're having a meeting here?" Incomprehension on both faces. "This is the writers' workshop and we have this room until 3 p.m.?" (frown) "Oh, sorry! Sorry!" from both of them. And they ran away.

Sadly, I find this work quite uplifting and wish I could find more of it. Still, the day isn't over yet. We're going out to dinner.

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