Friday, August 14, 2009

Bad Moon Rising ...

Update: I spent 74 minutes on the phone with HP (the weather's fine in downtown Bombay) to get this: WXO 05801 which is the customer order for an operating system disc to reboot the notebook. I think this may be a record... let me know if you can beat it! Computers -- blessing and bane...

The notebook crashed; took it back to Best Buys, was told to buy a new external drive and call HP for a reboot disc. Can't find "reboot discs" on their Web site, will have to call them. No notebook until I get it. Not looking forward to "For support software, press 18"....

Downstairs PC is slower than molasses in January; have deleted a bunch of files, but something is better than nothing.

Meanwhile, here are what seem to be the final figures on the insurance I mentioned in a previous column. One thing that amazes me is that one procedure (echocardiogram) took place June 5th! and the nuclear treadmill on June 15th and they've only now sorted it out? No wonder doctors have to have more start-up money than a restaurant!

Procedure Orig. $$$ I paid
echocardiogram 945.00 62.72
nuclear treadmill 1,215.00 114.88
"technettiu" 500.00 46.12
cardiovascular stress 375.00 23.14
heart function 200.00 11.43
heart wall motion 200.00 13.55
normal saline 25.00 0.05 a nickle!

I paid them $271.89 this morning and mailed it from our main Post Office. This statement says that $295.00 is"pending" from the insurance. I'll be honest, I don't understand a whole helluva lot here, but I paid it. Considering all that I got, I think it would have been cheap at twice the price. Think again, Obama -- I'm quite satisfied.

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