Saturday, August 8, 2009

Airline News

Reporting from the Vanguard's newsletter --

A JFK runway had to be closed for 35 minutes in July, causing 90-minute flight delays. Reason? This particular runway juts out into the bay and 78 diamondback terrapin turtles apparently decided to sunbathe on it. The turtles, weighing 2 to 3 lbs. were scooped up, taken away and released back into the sea -- far from JFK. En garde, La Guardia!

Asiana Airlines (of which I had never heard) is about to startle and amuse pax on 52 flights with staff dressed as pirates who will entertain with magic tricks, tarot card readings ("I see you on a full plane -- oops!") manicures, face painting, origami lessons and fashion shows.

Good news! Soon we'll be able to trace checked luggage at self-service kiosks by scanning the bar codes on luggage tags to see exactly where a bag might be. This means you can report a missing bag in TWO MINUTES not the average 45 minutes it now takes. Whee, I suppose.

Pet Airways is designed solely to transport pets. "Pawsengers" are flown in 50 individual crates (bring a blanket, toy, leash, water dish and your pet's specific food) in pressurized cabins with an FA checking them every 15 minutes. The aircraft, a Beech 1900, designated as a 19 pax turboprop, makes more stops for fuel, allowing the FA and ground personnel to give pets a walk/potty break. The first flights to five destinations are sold out for at least two months. Fare is $149 per pet, one way. Animals get "pet points" and owners can track flights online. For details:

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