Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personal Favorites

A beef taco and a cheese enchilada? Rosa's, 322 PCH, Redondo This is a great place for a quick bite. The interior is beautifully painted to resemble a Mexican patio. The food is flavorful and served in small portions. A burrito as big as a watermelon makes me nervous. $ - Inexpensive.

Yellow Curry Shrimp - Phuket Thai, 190th and PCH. This sauce is a perfect blend of seasonings -- just enough warmth that I keep taking "one last bite" of rice so I can put sauce on it. $$ - Moderate

Pizza - Valentino's, 10th and Aviation, Manhattan Beach - It's a thin crust with chewy mozzarella and the tomato sauce is underwhelming. So often a pizza is awash in sauce and the cheese and other toppings are skimpy. $

Caesar Salad - Cialuzzi's, 601 N. PCH, Redondo - in the strip mall across from the main Post Office. I order it every time we're there -- there's something magical about the seasoning. I also like their Jersey (very thin crust) pizza with pepperoni and pineapple and those are what I order. The chef does at least eight specials per night, but having found what I like...

Heuvos Rancheros - Polly's on the Pier, 233 N. Harbor Dr., RB The menu warns that the sauce is hot, but it's a tempered hot. Polly's validates parking! $

Beef - any cut - Union Cattle Co., Manhattan and Pier, Hermosa You're going to get man-sized servings of tender beef and a variety of sides (massive servings, enough for four.) I hear that Thursday nights are half-price for drinks and hors d'oeuvres which is worth looking into. $$$ but you do get your money's worth.

Teriyaki Burgers - any of the three Hennessy's (Hermosa, Manhattan, Riviera Village) The beef is good, the teriyaki is subtle and with a ring or two of grilled pineapple and onion? Bliss! I just wish they automatically served fries with them and not potato chips.

Bloody Mary - Joe's Crab Shack, 230 Portofina Way, Redondo They use Demetrius mix and that makes all of the difference. You can order the heat dialed up or down "without the salad" which means "no garnish." $$

Dirty Gin Martini, Up - Chicago for Ribs, PCH, Riviera Village - across the street from Bristol Farms. Strictly for reporting purposes, I have had a lot of them (understatement) and this is simply the best. $$ Kudos to them, too, for their onion loaf. A half-loaf will feed four, so you've been warned.

All of the above are wheelchair or walker accessible except Hennessy's, Manhattan Beach; have never been there so don't know for sure.

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