Monday, June 29, 2009

Things May Be Looking Up

I decided to see what Air France typically serves international Coach passengers and looked it up. The comments were generally favorable - free wine! - and portions were said to be generous. Two meals are served and there is a help-yourself-snack bar between services.

I noticed several passengers comments on "flying their 777" which gave me hope that the aircraft wouldn't be an Airbus. Even though I have no idea who manufactures them (and please don't tell me!)

I checked in yesterday afternoon on line. If asked, "Are you traveling for business or pleasure?" I can truthfully respond, "Pour s'echapper Michael Jackson!" (To escape MJ)

Michelle brought her laptop with her, but warns that FiOs is unreliable, small town, etc. I will try to blog anyhow. To see where we will be, go to Google Images and type in Loctudy, France and sit back and enjoy!

I can't wait to BE there -- I just wish we didn't have to fly for 10 hours, then take the Air France bus to Gare Montparnesse and the train to Quimper to GET there. C'est la vie.

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