Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

The food mags are promoting fruit and dough desserts as appropriate summer fare. The problem is that all of them seem to have very different names (none of which I really understood.) So I looked them up and list them here in no particular order.

Fruit cobblers - any deep-dish crust (usually made with biscuits) with the fruit cooked on top.

Slump or Grunt (said to be the sound the berries make while cooking) comes from our Northeastern states. They are a cobbler with steamed dumplings on top -- cooked on the top of the stove, not the oven.

Clafoutis (France) a pancake-like dough on the bottom with cherries (usually) packed on top and baked. Purists insist that the cherries not be pitted as the pits release additional flavor. Bon chance eating it.

Crisps and Crumbles -- the fruit is put on the bottom of the pan and topped with a mixture of flour, butter and sugar and baked.

Brown Betty - fruit and crumbles layered and baked.

Buckle (Great Britain) Cake dough with berries stirred into it and baked.

All of them require either oven or stove top heat -- in August? Not recommended unless you live in a Deep South mansion -- with the kitchen out back in the yard.

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