Friday, June 5, 2009


You don't have to live in a tent in a forest for 30 days; you can get a very nice pick-up in just a morning.

We went to the Palos Verde library book sale which involves a beautiful drive up The Hill, past million dollar homes and breath-taking views of greater Los Angeles and out to the Pacific.

Once there, we scored a bunch of throw-away books -- for the trip to France. Read 'em and leave 'em.

Then, ravished by hunger at such hard work, we went to Fatburger and had hamburgers and split an order of onion rings.

Made the noon Farmers' Market at 12 on the spot and wandered around. Granted we go every Friday, but there is something about the carefully heaped glistening fresh fruits and vegetables that soothes the eye's soul. Bonjour Laurent (imported cheeses) had a photo of his new son with his older sister -- adorable kids.

It may (or may not) rain this afternoon and we've got leftover albondigas soup for dinner, perfect for not-so-clement weather. "Cosy food." With chips and salsa, of course.

Three hours - three countries -- The Land of the Rich (Palos Verdes;) America (Fatburger) and Europe (Farmers' Market.) Vacation enough for me.

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