Saturday, June 20, 2009

SAD Weather

As in "Seasonal Affective Disorder" -- when the sun don't shine in my back do' no mo'. Not, that is, until possibly 2 or 3 p.m. It irritates me because very often it looks like it will rain (and anywhere but in Southern California, it would.) Occasionally - very occasionally- it will "smizzle" which is a cross between mist and a light drizzle.

Worst of all, the sun does dawn brightly (waking me up) only to disappear as soon as I do get up. How cruel is that?

When you have to have the lights on at noon -- this is not good. Naturally, this is the month that God decided to take three of our friends/relatives home. First Jerry Kelly, a fellow volunteer, a woman I liked and respected.

Next at bat, so to speak, was my cousin Marjorie, 88, who died after a necessary surgery. Her heart gave the operating team fits and starts all through it only to quit post-surgery.

Last night, Richie's cousin Maureen called to say that her mother/his aunt had just died. She was living in a nursing home (Alzheimer's) and then diagnosed with breast cancer, but what got her was a fall from her wheelchair. ER to a very brief spell in ICU. She was also 88.

But, on the bright side -- don't get me started about the weather again -- if death comes in threes (debatable) then that's three and hopefully an end to it for awhile.

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