Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Get Along With the French II

Richie had had the crabs on his mind all afternoon. He was relieved to find them on the menu. He and MIchelle ordered them and I the langoustines, a really small version of lobster.

Halfway through our meal, the entertainer appeared in the dining room doorway. He was talking to the waitress, who looked in our direction.

Michelle said, "He's asking her to ask us if he can sit with us; the dining room is full." Indeed it was and we'd been too busy eating to notice.

We nodded our approval and he sat down in the empty chair next to me. "Really appreciate this, guys" he said. The waitress asked him what he would take and he told her steak, French fries, salad and a bottle of theh ouse burgundy.

While he waited for his food and we finished urs, he told us more about hiumself. He said he was 38 and then rather suddenly asked me how old I was. I said "59" and added swiftly, "and Michelle is exactly half my age." Michelle was so startled she nearly ate a piece of crab shell. She's 48. My reasoning was: she's single now; what's wrong with a little fling?

He looked at Michelle, but then the waitress brought his wine. Pouring hisemlf a glassful, he went on to say that it was difficult to get along with the French.

I grinned and said that I'd found a big smile and a20% tip made instant friends. (Tipping is usually 15% and added into the bill.)

This excited him greatly and began talking very loudly in English. "Now you see, THIS is what ruins France for the rest of us! Goddamned Americans come over here with their f****** money and the French hate the f*****s! And we get tarred with the same f****** brush!" He was yelling now. I looked furtively around the restaurant, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to him.

I hoped that Michelle didn't understand this word (used as an

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