Sunday, June 7, 2009

Other Voices; Other Views

Comments re yesterday's blog on Texas food:

A woman from Kentucky wrote: "I love chicken-fried steak! Your description made my mouth water and made me hungry. I haven't done that in a couple of years. Maybe I should move to Texas..."

A proud scion in East Texas (and a great American) wrote: "Obviously you are uneducated in the finer cuisines of Texas and have only frequented the poorer-quality restaurants and their roadkill fare. I myself have not eaten many things to compare with the lack of taste that California provides. Please! Sprouts and nuts?

The Mexican food there is a blend of New York and Oregon and is hopeless at best.

Come on back and we will show you good food. (Also, no place better than German communities in West Texas for food.) Always welcome!"

This correspondence is so typically Texan that I smiled. In the beginning, he does everything but call me a Christian; at the end he is displaying the courtesy and warmth that pervades all of Texas -- "Y'all hurry on back, heah?"

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