Saturday, May 16, 2009

Small Amusements

Today is our dear friend Bob's 84th birthday. He regaled the Thurs. Writers with this anecdote.

"I saw the technician for my six months check on my pacemaker the other day. He told me that my battery is good for 5 1/2 years and I told him, 'That sounds about right!'"

Verizon has been and gone and I'm still puzzled. One of their channels is a screen that is 3/4ths black with one small corner that reads: "Comedy Radio" and a warning that adult language may be heard. It's a disembodied voice telling jokes! There is no picture at all! Yes, buy high definition -- get that big screen! So you can listen to your TV...

I'm still charmed by the fact that I can be pounding away online and the phone rings. All the people who have complained bitterly in the past, "Your line is always busy!" will be happy once again.

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