Friday, May 29, 2009


Last night our neighborhood (north Redondo) had a police helicopter flying in circles for nearly two hours. At 8:45 p.m. a bullhorn bellowed, "We have you completely surrounded -- come out now and surrender!" ... and nothing more. No gunshots, no sirens, no nothin' -- just the helicopter whirring away.

Nothing in either of this morning's papers. Nothing on the radio. I went to two of my sources (both excellent, by the way) and one of them said he'd look into it; the other said he might have to wait until his wife gets home from work.

Waiting to find out is killing me! When I do -- I'll be back.

THIS JUST IN (and how cool is this?)
Councilman Steve Diels forwarded the following message from (presumably) the Chief of Police to his constituency here in District 4:

"Mayor and Council: This is still an on-going investigation but last night we were able to arrest several people (4) we believe to be part of a larger robbery ring operating in the South Bay. The initial crime incident began at Aviation and Dufour Avenue. Assistance was requested from surrounding agencies. We also called in a helicopter to aid the foot pursuit. A PR release will be issued today. Bill"

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