Saturday, May 2, 2009

Philosophical Musings

* Where is Ed McMahon? Back on February 27, 2009, he was reportedly in Cedar-Sinai's ICU "fighting for his life." Surely, he can't still be there? Clearly, he's not (yet) dead since the media will go nuts for 15 minutes if/when he does die.

*"Troubled" singer Amy Winehouse is still alive in St. Lucia. If even 50% of what is written about her various ... indulgences ... is true, then she clearly has superior genes and samples should be taken and studied!

And her Dad is becoming as much of a media whore as she is -- "Worried Dad Jets Off to St. Lucia," etc.

*The Seeds recording of "Pushin' Too Hard" only made it to #30 on the national charts and that was back in the '60s. We visited the old Elbow Room (now a sports bar) some time ago and when we walked in, it was playing. When we went in during this visit to Palm Springs, the song was STILL on the play list; in fact, Richie played it for me. How can it still exist some 46 years later when #30 was the best it ever did?

* The Globe (factually proven to be the silliest and most inaccurate of all the tabloids) ran all kinds of headlines about the Bushs before they left Washington. "He's Drunk Again!" "Laura's Leaving!" And yet, not a word since they moved back to Houston/their ranch. Somehow I can't picture Laura the Librarian letting him lie drunk underneath a Jeep somewhere out on the prairies...

* Danny Gans, Las Vegas entertainer, is dead at 52. If things continue to "go in threes" I have to wonder who is next. In fact, if I were a celebrity, I might just stay in bed for a couple of weeks, never venturing out of my front door. Wherever you are, Ed, watch it! Danger lurks!

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