Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green Beans

Aka "haricorts verts" in France; "runner beans" in Great Britain. Whatever you may call them, they're coming into season. Bon Appetit says so.

It's believed that the Conquistadors brought them to France in 1597 which seems rather doubtful to this writer as I don't remember the Conquistadors going to war on French soil. (Then again history is not my strong suit.) Spanish royalty married into the French line, but however difficult marital relations may have been in some cases, that's not "a war" to me.

Bon Appetit is very good at making vegetables sound appealing. BA also pushes positive health benefits -- green beans are rich in vitamins A, C, K plus potassium and iron. They have omega-3 fatty acids. BA says, "Eating green beans may help boost energy levels!" (Isn't that what chocolate is for?)

"Green" beans come in yellow and purple (which fades to green as they cook which is sort of "So? What's the point?")

Since I've had good luck roasting asparagus, this recipe sounds good:

1 lb. green beans trimmed and set aside
1/4 cup olive oil
zest from one lemon
2 big garlic cloves, thinly sliced
1/2 teas. crushed red peppers
1 vitamin C tablet*

Gently heat the lemon zest, garlic cloves and red peppers in the olive oil. When the oil has absorbed the flavors, get rid of the lemon and cloves. Crush the vitamin C tablet, mix it into the olive oil and toss the green beans in the oil. Roast until done.

* the vitamin C tablet is supposed to keep the beans a bright green as they roast. Since I don't care, I don't think I'll be doing that.

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