Friday, May 22, 2009

A Few of the 10,001 Things of Dr. Bader

(Sounds like an avant garde German film title, doesn't it?)

* If you lose a contact lends in the evening, turn the lights off and use a flashlight to explore the ground. The lens will reflect the light.

* You've got one of those pressurized lids with the little pop dot which won't? Take a beer can opener and, using the tip, pry gently along the bumped out edges. This will finally release enough air to make the lid "pop" and you can easily lift it off.

* Never fish near a bridge or off of one. The pollution from vehicles is tremendous. That fish which looks so shiny and good can make you sick.

* Is eating fish really necessary for heart health? Harvard tracked 45,000 men and their eating habits. The heart attack rate for men who ate fish six times a week was the same as it was for men who only ate it twice a month!

* River fish have more flavor because they have to swim against the current and thus, they exercise more than a lake fish. (Amusing mental picture - the diligent river fish vs. the indolent, drifting lake fish ...)

* There's a good reason I love shrimp (basically because they aren't fish which I hate.) The cholesterol content of shrimp is higher than that of fish, but: the cholesterol count for shrimp is lower than any other type of meat product and doesn't have a lot of saturated fat.

* I know people who love their steak rare. It makes me cringe to see the blood on their plate. But wait! That isn't blood!? Dr. Bader says it is a pigment called myoglobin found in all meats that gives it a reddish color. Blood gets its color from hemoglobinm. The red juices are, for the most part, colored by myoglobin and water.

* Hot dogs were first sold in America at Coney Island, Brooklyn, by a German immigrant named Charles Feltman. Muscling in on the business, one Nathan Handwerker (Nathan's Hot Dogs) began selling them, too. He made his employees wear white coats and stethoscopes -- to denote cleanliness after a rumor spread that hot dogs were made from ground dog meant! Hot dogs aren't made of weiner dogs!

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