Friday, February 20, 2009


I checked the calendar, but didn't see it -- "Let's All Git Nekkid Day" in the womens' locker room at the gym. Perhaps every 18-20 visits, I'll see a bare-naked woman, but today -- Many! (Most with the below-the-waist Tramp Stamp.) I'm no prude; I've taken several "life drawing" classes (models of both sexes are starkers) and back in the day, my bikinis were small enough to be mailed in a #10 envelope.

Since I shower, dress and then go the gym it never occurred to me that not everyone does this. It never entered my mind to work out so hard that I actually sweated and had to shower again ...I mean, how icky is that?

Worse still, this locker room has corners and cubbyholes and it's disconcerting to round one of them and be facing the back end (cellulite and all) of a woman drying off her lady bits or shrugging into her bra. TGIF because no gym until Monday!

Good News/Bad News -- Our financial advisor called yesterday morning and, joking, I said, " We got any money left?" and he replied, judiciously, "Weelll, you've still got the hubcaps to the Rolls Royce."

A Simple Idea That Might Work? A friend suggested that the banks/mortgage firms buy the houses that are about to go into default and let the former owners pay rent until the problem is solved. Bad business for moving companies and box manufacturers, perhaps, but in these difficult times, we've all got to pull together.

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