Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Mas!

My sister lives in Illinois ("Where our governors make your license plates!") and has been avidly following the governor's downfall. Last night, Blago was to be interviewed on "Larry King Live" (and I'd question that "live" part) so, to be au courant with my sister at least, we watched it.

During a commercial break, one of them was totally in Spanish -- spoken and written words. I was so shocked -- CNN! -- that to this minute I couldn't tell you what it was for.

This morning I counted the station listings for our area -- there are some 78 of which four are Spanish-speaking, plus BET and the BBC. (None in Italian, French, German and I don't remember seeing any for Asians.)

It had to have been a programming error because it doesn't make sense that a Spanish-language only person would watch an all-in-English show.

"To hear this message in English, please press 1" is bad enough.

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