Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peace, Bro!

Paciugo, 1034 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach (next to the Comedy & Magic Club) 310-379-2525 paciugo.com And, of late, Fridays at the Hermosa Beach Farmer's Market

Ugo Granatta did an apprenticeship with a 4th generation gelato maker. He, his wife and son then moved from Turin, Italy, to Dallas, TX. to start their business which now numbers more than 20 locations. It's a franchise so if you're a gelato fiend, go to their web site.

They sell over 250 different flavors and the Hermosa Beach locations whips up small batches of 32 fresh flavors every morning. Flavors like Mediterannean Sea Salt Caramel, Black Olive, Sweet Potato Organic Maple Syrup and many, many more.

The site has recipes (caveat - using their products) such as:

Gelato Colada
1 scoop pineapple gelato
1 scoop pannacotta (Italian wedding bread)
Optional: a shot of light rum
Splash of pineapple juice or coconut milk
Mix well and serve

The amazing thing (to me) is that these gelatos (milk, water or soy-based) all look creamily, sinfully rich and yet have 70% less butterfat than ice cream.

I had two years of Latin in high school. I believe "paci" means "peace." I asked a fellow Latin student (at a dinner party) and he confirmed my thinking. Google said it means (loosely) "with my blessing." I've now e'd Richie cousin, married to an Italian, for her take on the matter. I will get to the bottom (scoop) of this!

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