Friday, February 27, 2009

Peace, Bro II

You may recall I was trying to find out what "paciugo" meant. Richie's cousin e'd me back, "My Gianni says he's never heard of it, but if you change the 'P' to a 'B' - 'Baci' -- that means a kiss."

Relentless in my search, today I went straight up to the comely lasses who were minding the Paciugo stand at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market and flat-out asked. "Their leader grinned broadly and said, " It means 'messy confection' in Italian! If you were having company at your house? You'd "make messy confections" for them!"

She also told me that they're gearing up for St. Patrick's Day by creating a gelato that's Guiness-flavored! I don't know how that can top "Black Olive" for, er, different, but clearly they do.

It's also lilac season and I bought a bunch from the very nice, young man (Farmers Market) and he said that when I got them home, to crush the stem ends and add an ice cube to the water -- lilacs like cold.

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