Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not To Get All Crabby or Anything...

Widening my Valentine's dinner nets, I suddenly remembered Delzano's By The Sea. Their Website said: "Tuesdays - Lobster Mania! Pick your lobster -- live Maine or Australian tail! Accompaniments - NY Steak, Rib Eye Steak, Veal Picatta, Mushroom risotto, Raviola or Crab Stuffing."

I thought quickly. Lobster on special is surely cheaper than the regular menu. It's going to start raining again over the weekend so why not do lobster tonight, stay in Saturday and I'll do a fancy dinner instead. Richie was luke-warm about that, but quite willing to go to Delzano's. Off we toddled.

There is a patio, followed by the entry door (bathrooms to the left of the reception desk) and then the bar with a separate dining room across the front of the building. Big picture windows throughout as it's right above the Boardwalk.

Mentally licking my lips, I asked about the lobster specials. Kelly, our very nice server, said "Tonight's a NY strip and a lobster tail for $29.95." My face fell. "That's it?" "We alternate between crab-stuffed lobster and the surf and turf," she replied. We smiled non-committaly and turned back to our menus.

We decided to share a shrimp cocktail ($10.95) and that we'd both have the lobster quesadillas ($11.95.) Richie wanted to start off with a cup of lobster bisque ($5.95). So that's what we ordered and what Kelly wrote down. Moments after departing she was back. "I'm informed by the chef that the quesdillas tonight are crab, not lobster." We shrugged and said, "Okay."

I wondered why the kitcehn couldn't take a lobster, destined for the surf and turf special, and chop it up and give us lobster quesadillas? As printed on the menu?

Richie said his lobster bisque "lacked something" but it did have several big croutons immersed in it. The shrimp cocktail was six big shrimp laid flat on a melting bed of ice on a dinner plate with a dish of sweetish cocktail sauce. We should have dried them off on our napkins before popping them in our mouths. The five slices of crab quesadilla came with a tangle of chiffonaded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and an oil and vinegar dressing. The guacamole was: avocado, cilantro and a smidgeon of onion.

Dinner came to $63.66 plus tip. Richie gave me the receipt (for blog purposes) and I noticed something different. I'd ordered a dirty gin martini up and the bill read: Well gin martini $5; dirty $1; UP $1. Not: gin mart $7.

I think lobster disappointment colored our views of Delzano's which is a pity. We love the sister resto Lou-E-Lues. Delzano's By The Sea (didn't have any lobster for me) 179 N. Harbor Dr., Redondo Beach 310-374-7525 for both

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