Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Surfeited With Sex in the Media? Me, Too!

And not the #Me Too kind either.  A good laugh would benefit all of us because laughter is the best medicine and quite possibly an antidote to wallowing around in the cess pool Washington, DC and both political parties have created.

Yesterday afternoon, laughs were delivered to our front door in the guise of the Reader's Digest which I have long loved FOR the jokes.  With no further ado, some gentle humor.

Adam and Eve:  the first people not to read the Apple Terms and Conditions.

Breaking News! Scientists have discovered what may be the world's largest bed sheet - more on that as it unfolds.

Just got a job as senior director at Old McDonald's Farm - I'm the CIEIO.

If you attempt to rob a bank, you won't have any trouble with rent/food bills for the next 10 years, whether you're successful or not.

A trucker in Europe carrying 12 tons of liquid chocolate spilled his load across a highway.  A newspaper asked its readers if a confectioner were to scrape it up and sell it, what brand name should it have?

*  Mr. Goodtar
*  Literally 5th Avenue
*  3 Musketires
*  Gutterfinger
*  Pave-mint
*  Tobleroad
*  Autobahn-Bahns.

And last and sadly least because you never hear any limericks anymore -

There was once a lady named Ferris
Whom nothing could ever embarrass
Till the bath salts one day
In the tub where she lay
Turned out to be Plaster of Paris

A magazine writer named Bing
Could make copy from most anything
But the copy he wrote
Of a $10 note
Was so good he now lives in
Sing Sing

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