Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Apparently It's Never Too Late in Britain

Yesterday's media introduced us all to the Oldest Person In England To Have a Sex Change Operation.  

James Rose, a former RAF navigator, is now Ruth Rose, age 81.  She joined the RAF age 23 and married in 1961.  After a 42 year marriage resulting in three kids and four grandchildren, the couple divorced but remain on good terms to this day.  

Four years ago, age 77, she began taking the hormone drugs to affect this situation.  In July, 2018, she had the Final Surgery (and I think we all know what that was) and what is causing a certain amount of chat is the fact that the National Health Services (NHS) paid $4,000 for the surgery that made her longings reality.  

Perhaps in an effort to forestall criticism of a literally free sex change op, Rose remarked, "You get people who cannot keep slim or who smoke … but NHS will still treat them."   She made additional remarks about the number of want to change, but cannot suicides.  

We have very dear friends in England who have told us of friends medical rationing - six months for hip replacement surgery, for example.  A busted-up hip is extremely painful and I can actually understand if an 81 year old said, "The hell with this" and jumped off of Big Ben.

Better for the NHS to regard physical pain as more serious than clearly they do for the patient  twitching around, waving a lace-trimmed hanky whining about their psychic pain.  

Socialized medicine at it's finest and something that perhaps Bernie Sanders or the NY hyphenated young lady should consider for themselves.  Not to imply either is looking for a sex change.  But how about that septic appendicitis, guys?  Wanna wait around on that?   

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