Monday, September 24, 2018

So You Want To Write a Movie...

Got a great story?  With twists on Life As It Is Lived Today?  Love (fill in genre here) and think you can easily write something better?

Professional screenwriter Guy K., a member of the South Bay Writers Workshop offers these very knowledgeable tips:  

One page (of script) equals one minute of screen time.  

You're going to want 90 to 120 pages for a dramatic movie.

With 80 or 90 pages that's a possible comedy or comedy/drama

And 20 to 30 pages for a sitcom.  

But 45 to 80 pages is sufficient for a pilot for a series.  

A walk-away deal wherein you sell the script and walk away - no interest in the director, producer, stars, just "Show me the money!" for $100,000 +. Or you can try for $25,000  to rewrite it.  

Guy stressed that movies are a visual effort - the actors faces and expressions "talk" for them.  He suggests writing three pages of script with no dialogue whatsoever to demonstrate that you're getting it.  

Give writing a movie some thought - tons of others have done it; why not you?  

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