Saturday, September 22, 2018

News of the Neighborhood or Another Way To Waste Time

The other day's mail brought us an envelope that contained this flyer:

"Hi (Street name) Neighbors!
Our neighborhood is now using a free private online network called Nextdoor Golden Triangle and you should join us.  On this website we share service provider recommendations, items for sale/free, lost pet notifications, safety updates, local events and much more.  it's 100 per cent free and private - just for our neighbors.

Please go to

P.S. There are already 13,976 posts on Nextdoor Golden Triangle including posts about Crime and Safety issues in the neighborhood."

"Golden Triangle" is a loathsome appellation given to our particular area (quiet, several good schools, lots of parkettes) and was created by real estate agents.  I have always loathed it as it smacks of some sort of WW2 ghetto or something.  I am still suspicious of "Germans" as a group and will never forget Nazis and their vile doings.  Golden Triangle just serves to remind me.

Some of the categories …
Lost & Found - a cute young pug running around in the old Nordstrom Mall

Household Help - a woman advertised for a combination nanny for a 2 yr old girl, light housekeeper ("We have a cleaning firm for the hard stuff") dinner prep, dog walking, child craft amusements, and the occasional date night out for us,"  and I thought "Why not just adopt the kid out?"

Crime and safety - there are currently five public masturbaters running around in our parks and school restrooms.  "Scott (last name) was spotted in the girls bathroom at (school name.)  Just a head's up."

For sale and free - tickets to the Beyoncé and Jay Z or a private suite at the concert for 16 for $5,000.

Job hunting?  A long list - and 80 per cent of them are in San Francisco which is not anywhere near the Golden Triangle.

I think this is a good idea and I like it so I joined up.  I've already touted in "Books"  the for aspiring writers and published and I responded to a query about "a good family-owned Mexican restaurant" with praise for Las Brisas, 1969 Artesia, Redondo Beach.  Maybe I can work from within (so to speak) to abolish the loathsome soubriquet "Golden Triangle"...

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