Wednesday, September 19, 2018

An Epic Battle Looms - Heloise and Her Beloved Vinegar vs. WD40!

In this corner wearing red and yellow trunks - WD40!  In that corner we have the slightly superior, but virginal household vinegar in white!

To get the odds on Heloise - simply Google "Heloise + Vinegar"  The stats on WD40 are from an article online.   And the first round bell sounds!

WD40 strikes first …yelling, " Use me to clean your silverware!" followed by "Winterproof your sneakers!" "Pesky squirrels robbing the bird feeder on a pole - spray the pole!"

Heloise fights back with the top 10 uses for vinegar!

WD40 ripostes with a right cross on your windshield in winter as a de-icer

Heloise ripostes with the top 20 best uses for vinegar and both head for their respective corners.

The bell sounds and WD40 comes out swinging - fixing a stuck zipper with the right and then a left cross for a too-tight ring.

Heloise fights back with 100 uses for white or apple vinegar.

Referee calls the fight a draw, but the real winner is us!  Best kind of outcome.

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