Tuesday, August 21, 2018

When Nuns Take a Hit for the Church

The Catholic abuse scandal is gaining international headlines and subsequent comments.

What caught my attention is that there seem to be no whistle-blowing on the part of the nuns against priests they knew were guilty of molestation.  None of them came out for the children; instead they came out for themselves and the horrors perpetrated on them by priests.  I read with interest that in Chile and Uganda, priests pay for an abortion for the pregnant nun.   Priests are salaried; nuns are not and live solely on what the convent provides them.  Apparently there is no abortion fund.

Some interesting statistics and Catholic nuns - nun recruitment was at its height in 1965 when there were 180,000 U.S. nuns.  In 2014 (last census of them) there were only 50,000.  This is a 72 per cent drop over 50 years.

In 2012 the average age of a nun was 74.   In 2009 more of them were over 90 than under 60 years of age.  One per cent of them were under the age of 40; 99 % were over 40.  And they won't be faring well in the future as we have already seen Mother Church yanking their convents right out from underneath them as the church sells them for funds to pay off the many lawsuits caused by some priests.

The priests always seem to come out on top; the nuns kicked to the curb of indifference by the sandaled foot of some degenerate priest.  Run, sister, run!  It's not going to get any better.

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