Friday, August 10, 2018

Beat the Humidity By Sleeping Like an Egyptian

Unless you live under a large cactus in the desert, you are experiencing humidity.  And quite possibly not at all happy about it.

So in the spirit of being helpful rather than whining about the humiiidity I Googled "Beating Humidity" and happily there was lots of free advice (the best kind - you can ignore it and it didn't cost anything.)

The first to catch my eye and understandably was:  how to sleep like an Egyptian.  You will need two bath towels or bath sheets; one dry (you sleep on it) and the other very, very damp under which you sleep.  A towel sandwich if you will.  As I know no one in Egypt, cannot verify efficacy of this plan.

Other hints included such as sleep with your feet outside of the covers.

Use a wet wash cloth you fished out of the freezer as a poultice on your neck and go to sleep with it on your head.

Go to bed with wet-ish hair.

Before climbing in, hang a damp sheet or kitchen towel in the window.

Wet and freeze wrist sweat bands, wear everywhere.  In a pinch, stick your wrists under the cold water in the bathroom or kitchen until you feel the cool.

This worked for me.  While shooting off-road racing at Riverside Int'l Raceway in July and August, I would go out in the field wearing Richie's old Navy hat - the cupcake looking ones - with the brim folded back?  but only after giving it a good soak in the drinking fountain.  Pop it on, pull the brim down and drip my way to the track.    Worked a charm.  Didn't matter how I looked; as usual I was the only woman shooting the races.  As usual.

Hope that any or some of these work to make you more comfortable. This weather can't last forever.
Be of good cheer and uncap a tall cold one.

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