Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sooo International, Dullings

Richie's French language class goes to lunch on the fourth Wednesday of each month.   It is quite the rodeo with messages and e's flying back and forth as to who will attend, who will not (and most interestingly sometimes "why" they won't be there) and the rest of us all signing on.  Wednesday's class runs from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at which point, the class re-groups at the restaurant of choice at noon.

Where the lunch will take place is a matter of finding a restaurant we all approve of; whether or not it has a parking lot - we had to abandon Scotty's on the Strand all summer long because their parking lot fills up with tourists, as an example.

Today's gala will be held at Las Brisas Mexican restaurant at 1969 Artesia, Redondo.  Las Brisas , chosen for it's own parking lot, spacious roofed patio (for shade) that would easily accommodate the 12 of us as well as a big space inside with tables (the rest of the place is booths.)  This is perfect weather for the patio and I am hoping for it.

What I find amusing is this:  the French class chose a Mexican restaurant - El Torito - last month, too!  I shouldn't be surprised as BFF Michelle loved  Mexican food when she visited here from France.  To this day, when we go to visit her in France, we bring cans of refried beans, chopped green chilis, containers of chili powder, Pico Pico hot sauce, several packages of tortillas …all of which are received with rapturous bliss.  To say nothing of the margarita mixins'

At today's lunch, I will propose Cap'n Kidd's. Redondo marina for it's parking lot, picnic tables and benches set up and oh!  Excellent sea food!  The lobster roll as previously mentioned is chock full of crab claw meat and very little else.   So much for September.

October?  How about Madrone's? PCH, own parking lot, huge walled patio - oh, yeah - it's Mexican food.  Viva la cuisine Mexique!  Mas por favor!

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