Thursday, August 30, 2018

"Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold"

The origins of this statement are not pinpoint known, having been credited to Proverbs, Bible, and numerous other sources.

Well, John McCain is certainly cold, but his revenge continues to flow freely.  He authorized HBO to make the documentary they did on him, which begins  right after his announcement of the brain tumor.  McCain insisted on the proviso that HBO could not  run it until one week after he was dead.  Way to avoid criticism or rebuttals … but pretty much cut and run after you're dead.

This morning, readers of the news find that former running mate Sarah Palin's attendance at any of the many funerals was rejected, despite the fact that she was always supportive and never mean to or about him.   McCain felt (or his wife Cindy did) that Palin cost him the election.

Sometime ago, I wrote a column of the fun one could have dying - changing the Last Will and Testament at the drop of a ballpoint to punish a family member or friend who, in your mind, did you wrong.  Based on the above, I never knew McCain read me.  Fancy that.  Who knew that pettiness could extend so far from the grave.

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